Why do puppies from professional breeders cost more?

I am frequently asked why my puppies cost so much more than ones listed in the classified section of local newspapers. The answer is pretty simple:

We invest a lot of time and money into the genetic and personality testing of our dogs.

When you are looking to purchase a dog, we feel you should consider the health of the dog and possible concerns you could face down the road. This is why we pay for the testing that will tell us ahead of time whether or not there are certain issues your dog might develop. We test our dogs for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) and PRA (Panel Reactive Antibody). In addition we have their hips ex-rayed and eyes checked for cataracts.

All of this testing costs money and is directly reflected in the price of the pup that you are looking for. The cost of purchasing a dog that has had this testing done is a lot less than the amount that would be spent down the road in vet bills regarding these health issues.